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Sat, Oct. 9th, 2004, 01:46 pm
cussoftherobot: "Do these coffee stains on my soul fade away?"

Last week I, Jay the Puppet Master, and fellow cult member Eh Man! Duh! traveled across the province to the land of the Francais, to Cult Camp!

So we're really heading to Leadership Camp for our high school. Horray for junior and senior years, they tried to give me homework in Physics to do. Yeah, right. It was a 'school sanctioned trip' anyways. The teachers on the trip didn't want us to worry about homework. So of course I didn't.

We bused over the river {I'm not saying which, for I do not want anyone to identify me, I'm paranoid. Live with it.} and it took somethign like two and a half hours to get to camp. Why we didn't take the forty minute fairy ride is beyond me. Oh yeah, bus. Duh.

Anyways, the ride was long and the site was beautiful. Definitly where the Cult in the Woods shall get together one day. Then build ourselves a clone of it. Damn our lack of major coorperation backing. Need funds.

Bunk rooms rocked. Got to share a four person room with Eh Man! Duh! and nobody else. Good stuff there. Share a bathroom with four other other people. One of two toilets broke the first day and other campers discovered that our room had a biiig mirror so, we were TEH bathroom to be in.... oh bollocks did I really just write 'TEH'? Even the teachers were in our bathroom. Had interesting conversations while washing face with teachers.

Okay, that just sounded weird.

Food. ROCKED! I loved it. I ATE! I ate breakfast, and lunch, and dinner, and had tea all day, and Sprite, and liquorice and YEAH! I ate food, good food. My favourite meal was fries and burgers (and hot dogs, but we'll let that one slide). Those were the best fries ever!

So much fun. Survivor games rocked. That *insert school name here* Idol was less fun. Well, Mr. A was the greatest of course. I caught him practicing in the corner and just sorta stared. Then got one of the guys with a camera to take a picture from outside through the window.

So yeah. Three days of awesomeness.

We must get together and cult it up out at that place darlings. It's the best idea since digital watches.

Well, I have to admit. I HATE THIS NEW LJ STUFF! Oh well, God hates me. Even with all my goodworks. Hehe.

- Jay, the puppet master