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Fri, Feb. 25th, 2005, 10:47 pm
cussoftherobot: So just when you thought I couldn't creep you out even more.

The Puppet Master strikes again!

1) I have four mini-Jonas notebooks, *gasp*. A Spacemonkey fan gone stray!

2) Criss Angel is my hero. Correction, one of my heroes/idols. Correction, likely my only living straight idol that I may meet and haven't yet. ((All my superheroes are of some sexual deviance.))

3) Scary thing to try. Need one headset, and a set of speakers on computer with a space for a headset. Plug in the headset and turn on the speakers. Now listen carefully. (Uh, without any form of media on). Can you hear it in the static? That's the radio kids. You can hear the radio without turning a radio on. Correction, we've just made a radio. Scary how genius I am eh?

'til I muse again.

- Jay, the Puppet Master