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Tue, Apr. 19th, 2005, 04:00 pm
cussoftherobot: Go Ninja go Ninja GO!

So I have this song stuck in my head, and I like it. I've been given some shitty news today too but I'm oddly enough happy. I can handle this. I can do this, Lord don't anyone dare quote me on that. I've sorted out a few things. I'll be myself again soon enough.

I've decided that I will just stop thinking so much about the past and have a positive look into the future. I will hand on to the good and separate it from the bad. I will keep friends I love and trust, and ignore those who have hurt me before. I know that they don't even think about me anymore, not for my betterment anyways.

Runway333 is on the up, and I feel okay. Thanks to ChickenManMalcolm we have Flash..... sorta.

Til next time, Cheers all!

- Jay