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Tue, Sep. 21st, 2004, 04:55 pm
cussoftherobot: Such Shame.

And you thought that the puppet master grew up.

Not bloodly likely baby.

So. What is new? Nothing on this end. CF coming up. Good stuff that. Mebbe sum friend can make it. Haven't heard back yet.

So new thought. Cos Ms. Vautier caught me ten second too faster than mez, writing club will have journal paper. I threw the idea of a website to her, she seemed to like it. Sorta, not entirely.

And. I love Zack. Zack loves me. That's how it is. THREE FREAKING MONTHS OMG!!!!1111!!!

Derr, you rubbed off on me in the strangest ways.

.... Are you guys still my cult-eys?

- Jay, the puppet master

Sat, Jun. 5th, 2004, 08:09 pm
sharperthanyou: Games for fun! Duh...

Hey everyone try this just for kickers!


I got-

You are worth exactly: $1,860,064.00.

Thu, May. 27th, 2004, 07:50 pm
sharperthanyou: Hmm....

I think I may post the transcript of what when on online last night. Derr? Would you really mind? Or was that just for the two three of us? Kiss the a car says Jay's been talking about it with the whip girl/boy.

Hmm... I'm also taking a poll.

Question: Who thinks that red is a sexy colour?


Thu, May. 13th, 2004, 11:28 am
littlemen: hello fellow cultians

Yay my very own cult to join...

And to think i though I would never find one.
Hey Jay how are your boyfriends.
Stee, Derr, you treat her right or I kill you;)

-Eh man! Duh!

Thu, May. 6th, 2004, 07:42 pm
cussoftherobot: First post ever.


Oh yeah baby! Check my shit! I rock!

- Jay, puppet master

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