The Cult in the Woods

Just Because We Can.

The Cult in the Forest
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Because we all know that it was going to happen someday, I give you the Cult!

Cult Mandate: Not seriouslly a 'cult' cult. Just a place for people to hang, make friends, get help with homework, debate, goof around, ect. Not anything in particular.

Just a few rules: Play nice. No harrasment of any kind. If you are trying to hurt someones feelings or whatever, you get ONE warning. Then we dishonourably black list you for as long as you deserve. Perhaps forever.
!!!!! I do not tolerate racism, or homophobia, or sexism, or anything in that type of manner. If you are joking, try not to. !!!!!

That's all, any questions feel free to ask.

Curently I'm working on a website for vampyr_forest. I have three pages and a purpose done. Hippee!

- Jay, puppet master

PS- If you actually have visited this journal and give enough of a shit to let us know, leave a comment. Put whatever the heck you want as a comment. "Bump" is enough for us. THX